Research Paper Needs Citation References

Need of Citations and References for a Research Paper

Research papers are those which nothing but the up gradation of older technology methods to the present technical world. But, most of the people in the world do not know this, and most of them are thinking that the invention has been belonging to the researcher who invented. The very sad thing which has been overshadowed and still not known by the people in the present world is, still now most of the researchers who are all doing PhD research studies as part time are not having any knowledge about the various citations and references which are all included in the research paper. The very main reason is, they are not looking after their research paper even after they had got completed from the online research writing service websites. In my point of view, it is not bad to get the research papers from the online writing service websites, but the most important thing, the part time researchers who are all getting the research paper from those online services need to do is, they should try to go through the research paper at least once and try to gather some knowledge regarding their research paper.

As far as I have analyzed, I had came to know that mostly around 98% of the part time researchers are not at all even opening their research paper document after being got from the online writing service websites. Because of this, there has been no use for those part time researchers none other than getting research doctorate degree. The very sad thing which we need to consider here is, though various high quality services and offers are being issued by the various online research writing service websites, none of the part time researchers are making use of those offers and services in a right manner.

The very worst thing in this is, still there are some part time researchers who not even know their research paper’s title. So, at least hereafter the rules and regulations to do research doctorate degree should be got changed so that, we could be able to regain the standard of research doctorate studies. Before 10 to 15 years and all, if a person has been doing a research paper means, there will be a page named citations and references which will be indicating the details about from which websites, resources and books the author of that research paper had referred to create that research paper. But, on the other hand, there has been still so many persons available who are all not having any knowledge about for and why there has been a page included in the research paper named citations and references. So, right from those days to the present day, the need of citation and references in a research paper has been most important because without that, a person could not predict about based on which sources and resources the researcher had created that research paper.

As the research papers bought from online research writing service websites are written by the expert and experienced team of research paper writers, all those research papers will definitely have the page named citations and references. So, the part timers should try to at least go through that page to know about what are all the researchers the writers had went through to create the research paper for them. With the help of that citation and reference page itself, one will be able to grab and understand the theme and concept of the research paper. Now-a-days, as most of the research papers are even published in the online journals after the successful completion, the need of citation and reference page for a research paper has been most important because without that, the online viewers will find it difficult to understand the concept of your research paper. Finally, I think you all will be crystal clear about the role played and also about the need and importance of citations and references for a research paper.